Applying for planning permission: Learn about everything involved

If you own a house or a business or are trying your hand at property development, there is a good chance that at some point you will have to apply for planning permission. Here’s how it works Navigating the intricacies of planning policy and the planning process can be difficult, which is why more people are enlisting the help of planning consultants and architects. 

An experienced team can advise on the best strategy for the scheme’s development, advise on its feasibility, and guide the application through the decision process. Your planning consultant will also liaise with the local planning authority on your behalf. Discussing and arguing on your application’s behalf with the officer can make or break the application’s success. 

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Developing a development scheme and planning application is not an easy or quick task, which is why you want to make sure it is right when presenting to the council. Part of that is understanding the planning process. A robust understanding of the processes involved when a decision is made on your application is indispensable.

For the best result, it is advised that the scheme fully represent the policies of the council, the region and the country, it should be fully developed with all the necessary supporting information and represent the interests of the council, as well as your goals. Achieving all of this can be time-consuming, but we guarantee that the time you invest and due diligence performed has a direct impact on the outcome of the permission decision.

We have helped numerous homeowners and developers secure planning permission in the UK; y If you’d like to navigate the complexities of applying for planning permission with ease, write us a message today.

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