What is a planning application?

Planning applications are formal requests made to local planning authorities (LPAs) to seek permission for proposed changes to the exterior of a building (or the exterior and interior if it is being demolished and replaced) and/or what it is used for.  Contact us now to get free no obligation quote The purpose of planning applications is to ensure that any proposed development aligns with local planning policies, environmental considerations, and community interests.

Planning application timeframes provide a structured framework for the decision-making process. Local authorities are, in theory, bound by specific time limits within which they must review and determine applications. These timeframes are meant to ensure that decisions are made on schedule, preventing unnecessary delays. 

Timeframes should help in the efficient allocation of resources for the council. By establishing specific periods for reviewing applications, authorities can plan their workload and allocate staff and resources accordingly. If all this works as it should do, applications can be processed in a systematic manner without overwhelming the capacity of the LPA.

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